Letting go

Today’s the day I let my bestfriend go. Today’s the day she becomes someone’s responsibility. And I’m so glad they found love through way that is beautiful and halal. I’m happy she found her Mr. Right

But deep inside, somehow, I feel sadness, I feel like something’s taken from me. I need more time

Following SPM, we parted ways to pursue our dream. I always remember her as someone I look up to, and she inspires me to be a better person. She’s the example of a good person and a good friend. A good listener and a good mentor. Qualities I seldom experience from others.

Being in different continent doesn’t make things easier, but I keep hoping, soon we’ll become best buddies again. But God knows best what He plans for us. There’s hikmah in the union of both of you.

I keep losing people I care about. People say when you get married you won’t change, but we all know the truth. Things will not be the same anymore. You have one big responsibility you have to care about, and that changes everything.

God knows how happy I am on this wedding day, but I can’t deny this sadness. Well this is the consequences of aging. Time moves so fast, and I wish sometimes it would slow down for a while so we could appreciate each other.

I wish you happiness and life full of joy. You will always be my bestfriend, no matter how many friends you’ve made along the way.