April 5

by temoh

Make or break day. Turned out, broken.

Devastated, not knowing what to do, how I’m gonna be. Blank. Emotions all shut down except for tears that keep running everytime I see someone’s face or hear someone’s voice.

Freshly heartbroken from the oven.

I don’t know how I’m gonna go through all of these again, the hardcore week, stressful feelings. Gah, a very tiring process.

Worst off all, i’m 99% at doubting myself right now, but I’m hoping that it’ll go away in time and this is just an acute response to what I had just now. Seriously, I need to trust myself back to get back in track.

I need some time off.

To those who tried to reach, I’m sorry I’m too fragile to be seen or spoken to right now, without causing tears running down heavily. I really appreciate your gesture and your concern, and I’m touched, very. InsyaAllah I’ll get back on my feet, soon.