million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: March, 2012

Mak kata.

Mak kata, lapangkan dada, berserah, doa dan tawakal. Kalau tak lapang dada, berserah kat Allah, berharap betul2 kat Dia, macam mana Tuhan nak tolong kita. Solat hajat mintak doa banyak-banyak.

Kawan kata, kalau tak ada rezeki makna belum ready lah tu nak jadi doktor. Belum boleh jaga orang dengan selamat.

Kesimpulannya, doa dan tawakal. Let He decides the outcome for you since He knows best, for you and other people.

Today marked the day of my last fight. Next thursday will be the day that make me or break me. Lots and lots of prayer.


The day written paper ended.

After 5 days of hardcore exams, I finally get to hear the voice of my parents. Yep, kept it all inside here and between God for 5 days.

I am that tears-running-wild-upon-hearing-the-parents-voice species. So to avoid any breakdown during exams, I have refrained myself from calling my parents.

Anyway, it was so good, a relieved actually to hear their voice. Its like an assurance that things will be good, InsyaAllah, or we’ll be there for you if something else happen instead.

We all have our threshold of doing the best that we can, and I believe we did reach the threshold. So, I am leaving the rest in God’s hand, since He knows what’s best for us. Worry ends when faith begins.

This coming thursday will be the day that defines my 5 years as a medical student. All of us I believe. So lots of works to do before thursday arrive. And lots of prayer too.

on the big E.

You can put your unstable-emotion on the table. Bring it wherever you want.



Everyone has emotions, feelings. happy, sad, annoyed, over-emo time. But human that express their emotion when they know it can or it would destroy a happy environment, SAJA nak create awkward-city ness (ermm whatever), is the most annoying person in this whole wide world.

Dude, everybody is trying to chill here. The world does not revolve around you and you only. We have things to do, and making you always happy is not one of them.