LoveHate is the new love.

Relationship is hard. Regardless on what grounds it’s made, its not all loving and caring and comforting. Sometimes it’s a scary nauseating moment where you have to not think of yourself at all, and just please the other party, so that the silent moment or yelling or shouting can stop.
That’s because of what we human do. We think of our feeling, and our feeling only. Other people has to listen to us. It’s only healthy when these two people in these imperfect relationship able to tolerate, to give chance to one another.
But that would be impossible if not hard. There will always be someone who’s more selfish, who thinks his/her feeling is the most important thing in the world. The world revolves around them, their words matter, and only their opinion is right.
Wanna hear a funny joke?


If only they sit by themselves at night, humbly think about things they’ve done throughout the day, I bet some things will improve. But maybe you’re too busy, worshipping yourself, you forget to do that one minor thing, that actually if you did, would’ve benefit the world. I’m not kidding, it would’ve affect the world.
Love exists in a love hate relation. It takes hard work to be happy, only if two people are working on it.