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Month: January, 2012

The typical drama.

When I first heard my favorite Malay novel was going to be made into drama, I have been waiting for it to be available online for download.

Released on TV. Checked

Available online for download. Checked

Download. Checked

However, as expected. Soooooo typical for Malay drama/movies, it was a major, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajor disappointment.

Usually an adaptation has issues like the unsimilarities between the book and the drama. But not this. This time, even the basics were messed up.

First of all, there’s nothing else, we the viewers can do to improve the quality of acting of our actors/actress. And the very awkward script, repeating the same line over and over? What happened to your vocabularies? Seriously, I’ve seen some high school drama with better script. *honest*

Come on people, turn on your TV and go watch STUDY all the very good quality movies. The way you people act just like as if no great acting has ever been portrayed before.  *nausae*

If you are so passionate in becoming an actress, practice, practice, practice. A drama/movie is not a place for you to practice/brush up you acting skill. It’s a place for you to show off, perform what you have been practicing before. Seriously, I don’t know what you’ve been doing offscreen, I am just suggesting what should be done, for a better show for you and for me.

Secondly, please do you homework like REALLY DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Has Malaysian directors/producer not heard of Doctor-Patient confidentiality? How are you so messed up in doing a doctor/clinic/ward scene. Ohhh don’t get me started on court scene.

And regarding IC. I thought it’s supposed to be with you at all times. And to give it to someone a total stranger, for that someone to hold it so you can create the point where they fell in love. OMG, I guess you really have that sixth sense, NONSENSE!

And to fix a crashed Porsche? I do not own one, and I’m just speculating on this one. It does not cost you only 2k. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

And this was just the first episode. I think I’ve made my point.

And for the love I have for this book, I will strongly be patient and stay strong, trying to endure te 2nd episode. I really, really hope, hmmmm…. oh gosh this is hard.

Good night.


these few people.

Thank you, for having me and my best interest at heart, for accepting this ignorant girl as your best friend, when I have not been the best one. But to not have you people in my life? Well, there’s already tears in my eyes.

For I can be too swamped by the things I see everyday, I can be quite ignorant to things I don’t see regularly. And I am forgetful, and I can’t multitask.

And my threshold for texting people is too high, I’m just too lazy to type.
However, I can, and I will talk for hours, which would require a lot of my energy, and that is what I lack recently.

That is my only explanation.

And I thought, people would go on and live their life, that my absence won’t affect anyone. And I am touched by some people who doesn’t think that. Who treat me nicely regardless of my sarcasm. Who’s able to see beyond my harsh words. Who’s able to understand my way of ummm…. Who’s always there in this love-hate relationship.

I am grateful, that I am blessed enough to be given such great friends.

this emotional post was a result of a guilty, very guilty feelings.