the reason why.

Sometimes, there are sad days. They are days when you have a problem you know you can’t solve.
I have many days like that.

Sometimes I ask god, why would he give me such big problem that seems impossible to be solved.

But I believe that he wouldn’t give me something I can’t handle and there are reasons behind it that maybe I can’t see.

But sometimes, I honestly can’t handle it. So I ask for strength. And I pray that eventually things will get better.

I really hope I’m strong enough to go through this.
I really hope things will get better.
I really hope I can find the reason god is testing me with this.

But sometimes, I don’t have the strength to think positive.
I don’t have the energy to be positive.
I’m afraid to hope things will get better.
I don’t why he tested me with this.

Sometimes I’m just tired and everything seems damaged beyond repair.