million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: June, 2011

This thing takes time.

I am easily influenced.

That makes it hard to tell the people what I want,
cause I’m afraid that people will judge.

Which will make me doubt my choice,
and myself, and I don’t want to end up
doing what I don’t want slash like.

So I prefer not to tell,
but how fun it is if I can share, and not getting the
“I don’t think you’re capable of this” looks from anyone.

Maybe I shouldn’t judge people thinking that they’re gonna judge. Haha

God, so pessimist. Hmm something needs to be done 😀


standing o.

If someone has nothing nice to say about you, how can you call them a friend?

This is not a rhetorical question, I am really confused.

Even sarcasm has a limit, trust me I speak fluent sarcasm, but when it matters, I speak nothing but the truth. And jokes? I believe you’re old enough to know the right time to have one.

Growing up, I’ve been taught that as a friend, you support them, so your ability to list down all the bad things about your friend, and not even one good thing about your friend baffled me.

You deserve a standing ovation for your genuine hypocrisy.

why can’t life be dull.

People say the first son or daughter is usually the most responsible since they have more responsibility.

Probably my mom had a miscarriage before I was born, or maybe I was adopted. Cause I’m sure as hell not taking my responsibility as I should.

Well in my defense, I don’t know what can I do. Being in this position, having no say in whatever discussion that’s going on. Discussion my a**. What else do I have ?

I really don’t care if someone’s stupid decision affects only his life and his life only. But I really despise those who disregard everyone else’s feeling just to satisfy his own.

I really want to say something, so that ugly awful manner can be changed. But tell me, if you’re ever in a position where someone tell you that your behavior is not quite right, would you listen to me?

Your conscience would agree that a person, should listen to advice given, but in reality your ego would strike back real fast and you will end up thinking that no one has a right to correct you. I’ll be happy if I’m wrong, BUT, before your ego strikes back this time, just try looking at yourself in the mirror and digest this slowly. Maybe you’re one of them, the one who has to win, even before the argument reaches your brain.