the one that is most awesome.

by temoh

I’m not the one with the sweetest words to say.
I’m not the one who’s always there for her (damn you asrama)
I don’t know who she loves the most (probably adik, not me, haha)
I don’t know how she likes her curry.
sometimes I misunderstand her, her words, her action, her decision.
I don’t get her taste, but she picked up things I eventually love the most (where does she get the ability?)
I’m not sure of many things about her.

But I thing I am sure, I love you so much I would take a bullet for you.
I may not say it often (god knows how much I want to)
I may not show it at all (maybe once a year)
but I really hope that you know,
that this one daughter of yours loves you so much.
And I’m trying, seriously I am trying to show you that.
Babysteps ye mak 🙂