million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: May, 2011

strength. I just need a lot of it

Maybe we’re damaged beyond repair. Maybe that tiny, minor decision of yours will have a huge impact on us, but that’s okay, cause your feelings are more important. Maybe it’s that part if your life you wanna change so much, and we’re a here to accept the consequences.

Think of others before you made a huge decision, cause wrong step might lead to another damage that will subsequently destroy others life.

I hope my life would be on a different path but maybe it just won’t happen. Oh well, just survive


one step closer.

congratulations for the great news.

2008, I wasn’t there when you fall, I was away when I heard the news, I know you were aiming for better result, but God has his own plan for you.

2009,You weren’t accepted into science stream, yes, your PMR result was that bad. Mom said you even wrote a handwritten letter to appeal so that you can get into science class. And you finally got accepted. You were in 3rd class, it’s okay, there’s still along way to go. As the year went by, mom said you worked so hard that by the end of form 4, you got into first class. You made it bro.

2010, Still a tough year to go through. It was not a good year for mom, she fell sick a lot of times, I don’t have to worry for adik2 cause I know you’ll take care of them, you cook, you take care of the house, and you’re just 17. You had to juggle a lot of things and we both know it’s beyond your level to handle (beyond your level was not an exaggeration). I never told you how much you impressed me, but you do bro. You were there to manage things at home whenever they went wrong, I hope God bless you in your life, for even I can’t stand and survive the things you survived.

2011, SPM results came out, mak, ayah, and I cried when we hear the good news. I was so proud only my tears could explain my emotion. This time you got what you deserved.

And now it’s time to pursue you dream. I pray that eventhough there will be hard times for you, eventually you’ll get what you want. Some things will never change and we have to accept that. Not all the things in life will be beautiful (we learned that in a hard way), but as long as we we have each other, stick with each other, I know we’ll be okay.

the one that is most awesome.

I’m not the one with the sweetest words to say.
I’m not the one who’s always there for her (damn you asrama)
I don’t know who she loves the most (probably adik, not me, haha)
I don’t know how she likes her curry.
sometimes I misunderstand her, her words, her action, her decision.
I don’t get her taste, but she picked up things I eventually love the most (where does she get the ability?)
I’m not sure of many things about her.

But I thing I am sure, I love you so much I would take a bullet for you.
I may not say it often (god knows how much I want to)
I may not show it at all (maybe once a year)
but I really hope that you know,
that this one daughter of yours loves you so much.
And I’m trying, seriously I am trying to show you that.
Babysteps ye mak 🙂