one step forward.

I talk a lot.
But I don’t usually speak of nice words.
So, I’m gonna give this a try.

*phone rang*
“temoh, tahniah”

those were her words that day.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve passed my paediatrics reseat paper.
Only God knows how hard it was, to went through all the self doubts, the possibilities of negative outcome.
Being a failure, it wasn’t easy to maintain positive thoughts in mind, and the fear made it hard to digest everything all over again.

And to be around family, ohh how my parents are good actors, to pretend that I am able to pass this paper, to have such faith. (I only knew they were scared, when we all cried of happiness, to feel such relieve, free from worries, after I got my result)

And friends, the people who made me feel at home, the ones who shared my fear, the ones who understand and pulled me together. I could not thank you enough. Honestly, final year seemed so far away, I didn’t have that much confidence, that much faith that I’m gonna pull through this one, but each and everyone of you made it real for me.

Day 2, and it’s still feel like a dream.