million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: May, 2010

rolla kosta

life is like a wheel,

sometimes youre up sometimes youre down,

kalau kat bawah tu tak payahlah turun singgah mana2, tunggulah kejap nnt naiklah balik wheel tu.

simple kan?



every obstacle in life is like a wall. it is built for you to get through it.

dont stand behind it and do nothing.
dont stand behind it and cry.
dont whine about it.

just try and get through it. sometimes you need help, but sometimes you can do it by yourself. dont make it a big deal. get through it and move on.


pre sleep syndrome













the circle of life, who could ask for more?

why i love greys anatomy

i was crying so hard i couldnt catch my breath.

“at first everything was perfect, meredith was pregnant and she’s gonna tell derek about it during dinner, finally after a long time of pursuing happiness and theyre now together a child would have completed this love story. meredith is not the dark meredith anymore, christina was going to be the godmother,she is not the cold hearted person who’ll only love surgery anymore, well she is but a litte less right now 🙂 . everything was perfect.

suddenly reed was shot straight to the head, alex was shot, and in a blink of an eye, things went bad. there was a shooter in the hospital. the shooter was looking for derek. he was gonna kill derek, and meredith was looking for him, and about to tell him the good news.

and charles was shot in a patient’s room, and miranda was there, she was scared, she was crying without even noticing it. miranda was crying, the strong smart genius miranda cried. miranda is not a person who would cried, she is not an easily scared person, she was the toughest person in the hospital but she did anyway, miranda cried. everything went haywired, everything was stressful.

finally he got to derek. he shot derek in front of meredith’s eyes. and teddy and hunt weren’t there to operate on derek. christina had to do it for her bestfriend’s sake. she had a gun to her head while operating on derek, but kept operating on him. she was trying her best to save her bestfriend’s guy.

owen got shot while trying to save christina.he couldnt leave christina alone in the hospital. he knew he love christine when both lives are on the line.elevators were shut down, miranda couldnt get charles to OR, she had to watch charles died in her lap.

lexie almost got shot
meredith almost got shot
miranda amost got shot
christina almost got shot

derek doesnt even know he was gonna be a dad, and meredith already had a miscarriage. “

so many people died in a day, so many things happened to people i knew, people i spend time for a good 6 seasons. even though they’re just people in a fictional story, they seem so real, and they seem to be part of my life.

this is just a fiction story made up by a bunch of writers but they made me cried really hard, i was shivering, i had to wrapped a comforter around me cause my hands were so cold. i was tachycardic, i was scared, i was nauseous, i had to pause for a while so i can catch up my breath cause i was crying so hard. this episode really got me, they should win an oscar for it.

to greys anatomy writer, this would be the most dreadful episode ever, i hate you people so much for doing this, but you guys did a very good job on this, you made a fiction look real, you made it feel real, the characters come to live. you stopped my heart when mer died, and you did it again when derek died.

i really thought when its already a season 6, life would be perfect, people live happily ever after, and then you did this, the most stressful episode ever, you kill many people so that people realise, your loved one could die anytime. things could go bad in a second, and they die without you having a chance to say goodbye.

if i have a million finger, i would give you a million thumbs up.

bad bad day.

i missed my class for the third time this posting.

every week there will be one class that i’ll miss, and today the number adds up. i had a breakdown cause i’m just tired of being the laziest, slowest person in my group. im tired of being the one with excuses and silly smiles. i just want to be on track even not as fast as other people. i just dont want to miss another class. and yes i dont have a plan on how to deal with this, i just hope tomorrow everything is going to be okay.

later this evening, ive been startled by a statement told by ihopeiknowwhatshername. i prayed to god that it wasnt true, and i still pray for it to not be true. hopefully today was not as bad as it seemed to be.

still today has been emotionally exhausting. its hard to be confronted, but its way harder to confront. please don’t put me through this again or im gonna have to check up into the psych ward, no kidding.

grow grow.

it was the day in 1997 when Ellen admit she is gay.
anyway, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY.