million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: February, 2010

the last lecture.

some books tell you the beautiful things in life
some books guide you how to survive in live
some books just distract you from the craziness of life

and some, just teach you how to live you life.

i found mine.


mistakes not worth repeating.

when emotion clouds judgement
when love is overrated
when lonesome is unattended
mistakes often repeat themselves.

and you are one mistake repeated twice cause
stupidity always has a way to get through
and it is infinite. – (google says so)
derived from the ignorance to reflect oneself. (totally google)

go die.
i wont care.


bintang di langit pun berguguran.


you made a mistake. get over it. now just move on

i know that you’re scared for that ‘thing’ to happen again. i know the burden of it is too heavy to carry, but lets not jump into conclusion here. nothing has happen yet. and MAYBE, nothing will happen. you’re not supposed to feel good cause YOU, did not do any good today, but just keep in mind that maybe it was not the worst scenario either. lets keep our options open here okay?

there is a huge room for improvement, and there are a lot more rooms for perfection. its a lifelong learning process, it needs patience, passion, and perseverance. so, just go and sit,cry, cry, go out and eat, have icecream, sleep,sing, be mad, be crazy but remember to wake up and finish up on the things you need to finish. chill, one step at a time.

pat your own back if you need to, cry on your shoulder if you have to, sing for yourself if you want to.
miracles happen if you work for it. now get over it and move on.

thank god i found you.

last weekend was one of the best weekend ever.
i cant imagine growing old without my bestfriends by my side.
and now, post holiday fever.
a low grade with generalized body ache.
this is torture cause tomorrow is long case.

keep going through the albums
strictly in love
screaming girls and the sea
& my alltimefavourite girls.
cant stop laughing.
cant stop smiling.
you guys are the best drug ever.


the blind side.
a must watch.