million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: January, 2010


jogged one round.

walked one round.

watched you jog one round.

3 beautiful rounds.

today was perfect.


no title, just a victoria’s secret soundtrack on my mind.

my room is messy.
always messy.
and occasionally neat and tidy.
so, i love it very very much when i wake up in the morning, open my eyes and look at the clean tidy organized room. its a feeling that is very hard to describe. and i still smile while thinking of it.
haih bileah room ni nak kemas balik.

anyway, im having a gathering in PD this weekend.
yes the last weekend before long case.

lets not talk about it.

seems that they haven’t book the place yet.
wait! they haven’t even picked the place yet.
so ive search and hunt down every resort in PD that is still available.
and regardless of tonnes of work that i have to settle. academic wise
i am actually enjoying this. organizing plans.
oh yeah i love gathering, i love meeting people
i love going out and hanging out eating ice cream.(ok that is out of the topic)

ps: esok bangun awal
ps2: if tak bangun awal, G its your fault.
ps3: anyway, get well soon.

thursday night

when is weekend coming?
the room is barely habitable, theres biscuit, books, mineral water, baju1, baju2, seluar1, tudung, baju belum pakai on the bed.

semua org pun nak duduk atas katil ehh

and ive no idea with this constant hypoglycemic symptoms im having, HUNGER.
is hunger even a symptom? dont know dont care
damn should read more and more and more.
and i am sleepy, or tired. dont know which one is dominating the body right now
most probably lazy but hey, ive been exercising these past few days.
so might be penat
plus lazy. or both or just lazy. or, yeah whatever
who gives a damn about it pun anyway.

go away

im tired.
now off you go.