family reunion.

just came back from rumah mak su. been a long time since the last time we talked. broke our fast and chatted. mostly gossiping.

now i know where i got the gossip talent. it runs in the family. and even during ramadhan.oh god

while washing all the pinggan mangkuk. our gossip saga continued. the contents shall not be discussed here. sorry

suddenly, mak su asked whether i still remember our lunch together with her colleague nearby her office. took some hard time to recall that, but then finally did.

“mak su ingat nak kenenkan timah dengan kawan mak su tu, baik budak tu, tapi sayang dah ada girlfriend. hmm nntlah mak su carikan org lain, jangan cari doktor, susah nanti..”

suprised. and ternganga. gosh, my family member does care about me.

ummm, jangan cari doktor?

i walk everyday to class, passing the emergency department stealing glances searching for you.

everytime i walk pass the emergency department.