million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: July, 2009


talkin to you is never enough.

From my heart to yours
I would give you butterflies
From my heart to yours
I would give you summertime

From my heart to yours
Ooh.. I’d give u heaps of time
From my heart to yours
I give you mine

nah, goodnight beautiful


what date is today?

praise to God.

i finished my long case today. and it wasn’t too bad. even though stucked at few questions, i’d say it went well today. given that i just found my patient 45minutes before mr goh came (thanks to muff ). ohh i cant believe this.

i cant compare mine to other posting nor other friends. my supervisor was very nice and he made it easy for me. sometimes people are just too nice you forget about everything that you did wrong. truth be told, i’d prefer him to make it hard for me so that i’d feel unsatisfied and that i can improve. but deep down, im glad he didn’t give me a hard time today.

anyhow, everything is done except for one bloody case write up. esoklah baru cari patient. im out of booster now and i have to start being independent. somehow, the excitement for surgery is not there anymore eventhough the love for it grows deeper everyday. im in love with surgery and surgeons! oh how do i say goodbye to you.

i hate getting over people. why dont relationships just bloom easily? this cardiac edema [medically irrelevent ] will be the death of me someday. hmm girls are never tired when it comes to dwell on relationship issue.

cardiac edema : post tachycardia state due to extreme sadness or happiness usually presented with chest discomfort and lethargy, usually associated with crushing disease.

heartbreak…is not an option