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Month: May, 2009

bad day.

i hate crying in my sleep.
i really do.


why mr.imtiaz is the coolest guy on earth

this is a piece of appreciation for what mr imtiaz has done to us yesterday. you rock dr!

so there’s a patient with post op complication in our ward. we were waiting to observe the patient to be catheterized by the nurse. suddenly the nurse said they had to bring her into the OT. must be emergency cause she looked sooo sick. all pale and lembik and tak bermaya. since i had nothing to do [or i guess im just too excited to join one – orang lain dah masuk OT kitorang blm lagi] i followed her into the OT.

the surgeons were Prof Jasmi’s team. i thought they’re gonna open her up [open as in open] but instead they just made holes here and there for laparoscope. after we’re in we saw a big perforation at the jejunum that caused the leakage. there’s yellow fluid everywhere. everywhere inside the peritoneum . we thought it’s the pus but the doctor said its the bile and acid they sucked the fluid. kt bawah liver, celah2 omentum, kt uterus, jalan2 around the peritoneum sucked sucked and sucked

finally they went back to the perforation. and the discussion of aliens began. wheres the afferent lobe.mane efferent lobe? kalau nk buat primary whatsoever there’s chance it can recur pastu there’s another option tp nnt it can cause bile reflux.

so finally they decided to do laparoscopy roux-en-y.

of course at first we have no idea what they’re doing. we stood there watching the surgery goes for almost 2 hours when mr imtiaz came in and joined the surgery. then he asked
“korang ni 3rd ye ke?”
“faham tak prof tgh buat ape ni?”
“meh sini kertas”
*wahhh dah faham*

at that time i felt like mr imtiaz was our real hero. he’s a very dedicated teacher.and this is pure excitedness.
me watching my first watching my thing!!! wohoo:D

just so you know, ive a thing for surgeon,just like ive a thing for people wearing braces, and left handed people.don’t ask why, its inexplicable.

“awak nampak macam budak2 dapat gula-gula” – quoted


why are we not talking now?