million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: January, 2009

dont touch the children!

im a bad person. i cant believe that i did not make myself aware of the situation out there. fine im not really a news person but this is wrong. not being aware of this is irresponsible. totally unacceptable. it shows how unsupportive i am in this situation. i shouldve realised this long time ago. i was too absorbed by my environment while i should have considered other things in my life. how can i not realised something this big? no. i actually realised and aware of the situation but you know whats the worst part is,  i think i dont really pay attention to it. i know. even i cannot believe myself at this point. but then ive never let myself get attached to anything. i just scared of being attached to things. i dont want to get involve cause i cant bear watching these children die every single second. i mean its totally impossible too make these monsters rationalized their action cause it runs in their blood. the urge to destroy US comes with every single breath they take. i mean where do we stand here?

i can see even we’re far from them some of us are willing to help. by voicing out your opinion u might have stop a missile out there. by boycotting them u might have save a precious life outside there

but how do you avoid from stepping onto a bunch of ants if they’re scattered around instead of walking in a are these ants going to scare off these people if they themselves did not take pride in being ants? how do these monsters know an ant if it doesnt act like one?

i wanna be a better person. and ill wake up tomorrow morning trying to be one.insya allah


love you b.

i think we’re grown ups enough to understand and realise that life is not perfect and full with ups and downs moment. we know how to deal with happiness without offending not so happy people and we brace ourself with all the sadness and misfortune. but how i do i tell a 15 year old boy how to get through the dissappointment and the journey in life¬† is still a long way to go. and one piece of paper has no right to tell you who are going to be in 5 years to come. where youre gonna stand in 10 years time. i have no idea. i cant speak cause im afraid ill worsen the situation. cause seeing that person hurts once again is unbearable.

so just stand up. keep holding on. bring all your energy and fight. fight for yourself. ignore evryone else. miracles happen. aim for the the best and dont ever satisfied being 2nd best. no one should tell you what u r capable of. cause you can do more than that. and when you’re afraid dont you ever feel lonely cause im here.we’re here to catch you when u fall. to push u further up. so dont give up cause we’re not ready to give up on you yet.not ever

luvs, kakak