the unsettled bussiness

its the game

life is a challenge.true

and u have to fight for every breath u take.true

and you have to strive to survive.true

and you cant stop no matter what happen.true

every single thing that arises can be settled.KIV

sometimes i wish to get off this fast bullet train and watch it leaves cause i cant seem to find a way to make this heavy feeling goes away.its heavy and tangled all around and  i dont know how to untie it which leaves me with no choice but to go on and carry it along with me.which ends up with me carrying this heavy i having split personality disorder? am i paranoid? am i nuts? am i crazy?

things move so fast and i cant seem to catch i capable to catch up? yes. but do i want to. i dont think so

i dont have enuff strength to move on.its enuff for me jus to keep holding on.but to fight and struggle i dont think so.i am surviving cukup2 makan.can u see ur surrounding?i cant.cause this train moves so fast i barely see whats outside there.what i know is i am suffocating in this fully aircond still breathing cause im surviving but im not strong enuff to fight and feel the environment.i cant blend cant absorb the energy inside this an not ready to get into this.yet

and i hope yet will come.oh sun come and rise above me.the moon is beautiful but its dark.and wind, blow me into the sunlight so i can feel the breeze running thru my body and lift me up so i can run again.sing along with the parrot and dance along with the butterfly.sleep like a baby.and live as happy as you.