million little pieces

to help me remember things I don't wanna forget.

Month: November, 2008

am i scared?

right now im kinda striving to finish my pbl which im supposed to discuss tomorrow with my pblmate and my dr [my pathology dr who made me cry last sem] . dont seem to have enuff strength to continue reading

woke up at 12

watch movie for ppd

balik rumah and tido

woke up for asar

maghrib and dinner

balik rumah collect buku yg bertaburan

called d to confirm twilight for this friday

called anat to wake her up from 10minutes nap

mak called to tell me shes in terengganu

called ernye to check whether shes still in her hot temperature

called pudds for saje2

writing this

then im gonna take my bath

i think in my subconscious mind i really want to avoid this thing


im not ready to let go YET

one day after long forgotten moment i dont wanna sit back and think of how far ive left my friend
or how far we’ve left each other.some day without distinct borderline we will be parted to follow our path in life. we will meet sometimes,we will still call each other bestfriends but truth is,in a slow degrading time we will come to not knowing each other anymore.all this while we keep saying that we’re not letting each other go but reality is by the time u realised it, evrybody has gone.we jus refrain ourself from saying it as itll bring more pain.
right now,im not ready to let go yet.and i dont know whether “yet” will come.the moment ill be ready.this is not about a guy i love,but this is about you my friends, the love of my life
maybe youre not the missing piece of my puzzle, maybe he is,but guys you are part of the puzzle.
we’ve destined to be puzzled together and no! i cant let you people go
you are too precious to me.i hate you but i cant live without.i hate you but i miss you.
he makes me happy but i wanna tell YOU about it.miracles happen to me and i wanna share it with YOU.i hate chilli sauce and i want YOU to know about it.
i dont wanna think about letting go but i cant stop thinking about it cause itll come someday without us realising it.if i could turn back time,i will make full use of the moment we’re suppose to spend together it, but this is life and life aren’t suppose to be like lets be grateful for what we’ve had and what will come in the future.i dont know how to do it jus yet but im learning.ill hold our puzzle as long as i can cause i cant afford to lose you people.
i love you